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  • Rosenberg: Cash is no longer king
    Not so long ago, when asset prices evolve according to what was the state of the economy. Now, however, this dependence is reversed and asset prices affect economic development. The Fed also completely changed the relationship between stocks and bonds. … read more
  • From today, the oil export duty will fall by 3.4% – to 404.5 USD / t
    Quote.rbc.ru 01.11.2012 08:45 export duty on crude oil from today – November 1, 2012. – Decreased by 3.4% – to 404.5 USD / t to 418.9 USD / t in October 2012. An executive order signed by Prime Minister Dmitry … read more
  • Trading results on MICEX by the 10 most traded securities 10/31/2012
    Quote.rbc.ru 01.11.2012 09:00 Issuer last transaction (Euro) Rel. variability.% Max. Price (Euro) Min. Price (Euro) trading volume (Euro) trading volume (units) Gazprom 144.90 -1.47 148.20 144.52 6735690742 46124070 Sberbank of Russia 91.79 0.65 92.20 91.20 4782770155 52078220 Rosneft 232.70 0.26 … read more
  • Baumgartner skydive record holder will stand trial
    Read: A jumper from South Africa set a record for high-speed flight. turns out 2 years ago on a highway near the football stadium in Salzburg champion fought with the Greek truck driver. Stuck in traffic, the man gave a … read more
  • Premarket: Market takes a break
    Quote.Ru 2 days ago, 08:26 On Wednesday, October 31, the Russian market has increased slightly MICEX index rose by 0.28% – to 1425.7 points, the RTS rose by 0.37% and reached 1435.38 points. Trading volume on the Moscow Stock Exchange … read more
  • U.S. will take to the relationship
    After a lull all the attention will be focused on the publication of statistics from the U.S. Following the main trading session, the MICEX index rose by 0.28% to 1426 points, while the RTS index rose 0 , 37% to … read more
  • “Do not universal and equal”
    “head of the Russian Central Electoral Commission, known mainly because it helps to deceive Putin Russian citizens, criticized the U.S. electoral system,” – wrote in his blog at The New York Times, Andrew Rosenthal. “U.S. election – not straight, not … read more
  • Russian financial system stability is bad / / Monitoring / rating
    World Economic Forum (WEF) released yesterday, “Statement of Financial Development Report 2012.” In the ranking of the world’s financial centers of Russia in comparison with 2011 has kept low 39th place out of 62 possible. Russian authorities’ efforts to transform … read more
  • RTS index fell at the opening by 0.40%, MICEX – 0.41%
    Analysts predicted that the Russian stock market at the opening of trading on Thursday may be a bit lower on the background of the weak dynamics of U.S. stock markets, after two days break in the auction due to the … read more
  • By the end of the U.S. session posturagannoy of optimism has disappeared
    Quote.rbc.ru 01.11.2012 09:35 Stock trades in the U.S. on Wednesday, October 31 – in the first session after a long break in the exchange, caused by the passage of Hurricane “Sandy” – ended mixed dynamics in the leading index. Due … read more


o Lentuo International 1.26 ▲0.02 (1.61%)
o Yandex 26.04 ▼0.43 (-1.62%)
o DISCB 34.81 ▲0.23 (0.65%)
o LinkedIn 224.35 ▲2.59 (1.17%)
o Zipcar Inc 0.00 (%)
o Melco Crown Ent.Ltd 25.69 ▼0.62 (-2.36%)
o Qihoo 360 Tech. 74.74 ▲5.28 (7.60%)
o Canon Inc. 31.83 ▲0.36 (1.14%)
o Herbalife Ltd. 41.99 ▲0.92 (2.24%)

Lentuo International

Company ID [NYSE:LAS] Last trade:1.26 Trade time:4:03PM EST Value change:▲0.02 (1.61%)


Company ID [Nasdaq:YNDX] Last trade:26.04 Trade time:4:04PM EST Value change:▼0.43 (-1.62%)


Company ID [Nasdaq:DISCA] Last trade:34.81 Trade time:4:04PM EST Value change:▲0.23 (0.65%)


Company ID [NYSE:LNKD] Last trade:224.35 Trade time:4:00PM EST Value change:▲2.59 (1.17%)

Zipcar Inc

Company ID [Nasdaq:ZIP] Last trade:0.00 Trade time: Value change: (%)

Melco Crown Ent.Ltd

Company ID [Nasdaq:MPEL] Last trade:25.69 Trade time:4:04PM EST Value change:▼0.62 (-2.36%)

Qihoo 360 Tech.

Company ID [NYSE:QIHU] Last trade:74.74 Trade time:4:03PM EST Value change:▲5.28 (7.60%)

Canon Inc.

Company ID [NYSE:CAJ] Last trade:31.83 Trade time:4:02PM EST Value change:▲0.36 (1.14%)

Herbalife Ltd.

Company ID [NYSE:HLF] Last trade:41.99 Trade time:4:00PM EST Value change:▲0.92 (2.24%)



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