Apple changed the name of the modification of the new iPad after accusations of false advertising

Apple has changed the name of the modification of its new tablet iPad, supporting work in the North American communications networks based on modern technology LTE.

At the regional sites by Apple in the U.S., Australia, Britain and some other countries where the device is already sold, the modification became known as the iPad Wi-Fi + Cellurar (an indication of support for cellular networks). In other countries such as Germany, Italy, France, where sales are going well, with the modification of the cell unit has retained the original name.

Shortly after the start of sales of the new iPad in late April, the Competition Commission and Consumer Protection Australia announced that it intends to sue Apple for misleading advertising tablet. According to the organization, formerly known as modification iPad Wi-Fi +4 G from outside of the United States and Canada misled potential buyers, in which the device can not work in networks of LTE.

Apple has in turn offered to Australian buyers of the new model iPad money back if the gadget has deceived their expectations.

Meanwhile, following a statement by the Australian regulator validation gadget ads have started similar organizations in the UK and Sweden.

In Russia, a new model of iPad is not for sale. According to rumors, the new tablet may appear in Russia until the end of May, official data on the sales there.

Novosti@Mail.Ru: Economy