U.S. stocks closed mixed on Wednesday after the “Sandy”


U.S. stocks closed mixed on Wednesday after
Photo: Asian Reporter

NEW YORK, Nov. 1 / Asian Reporter /. U.S. stock indexes ended October on a weak note. Investors have returned to work after a two-day break, which was caused by the hurricanes on the East Coast of the U.S.. Index Dow Jones Industrial Average after trades fell by 10.75 points, or 0.08% from Friday’s close, to 13,096.46, after rising 82 points shortly after the opening of trading.

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Pacific Exchange opened lower on statdannnyh and news from Greece

Finance – Rambler-News

There deficit grew stability / / Banking sector has learned to work in low-liquidity

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                        There deficit grew stability


                        The banking sector has learned to work in low-liquidity


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shortage of liquidity was for the Russian banking market common. Stability systems provide only the means of the Bank of Russia, the interbank lending market decline, while non-bank financial institutions use credit market on securities more risky scheme, according to the Central Bank.

Bank of Russia yesterday published a report on the state of inter-dealer repo market in the third quarter. Financial Stability Department of the Central Bank from the beginning of this year, monitors the market in view of its importance: the crisis in autumn 2008, it has become a source of instability of the financial market.
notes regulator earlier total dependence of banks on funds provided by the Central Bank, in the third quarter only intensified. “The structural liquidity deficit in the banking system remains with us forever, it is an objective reality,” – said recently, Deputy Finance Minister Alexei Moiseev. Bank of Russia figures confirm this trend. In late July the debt of banks to the Central Bank reached a historic high – 1.77 trillion. In September, the Central Bank decided to raise key rates by 0.25 pp and even risen in price means continued high demand from banks. “The main factor in the increased demand for liquidity in the beginning of the quarter was a net withdrawal of funds to the budget system of Russia”, – the report of the Bank of Russia.
in the third quarter compared with the second more than twice increased the flow of transmission of monetary liquidity small players received major players from the Central Bank. While in the second quarter repo rate on the players so-called third tier were even lower than the borrower first and second, in the third quarter, rates rose from 4.8% to 5.79%, which is higher than the first level for borrowers 0,11-0,18 ap “This suggests that small banks are in need of liquidity,” – said the head of Treasury Bank “Renaissance” Andrey Shalimov. Large, banks still prefer to borrow at the Central Bank and not from each other: the share of interbank repo segment decreased from 26.1% in the first quarter to 10.5% in the third volume of this market segment ranged 405-430 billion rubles .
continues and risk concentration, also emerging in previous quarters. The share of loans to the top ten lenders in the market interdealer repo increased by 0.2 pp, to 45.8%, the share of the ten largest borrowers borrowing – by 3.1 pp to 35.1%.
to the same risks of adding new repo market, said the Bank of Russia. So among customers borrowing a high proportion of residents – about 60%. According to the Central Bank, to collect funds from non-residents for unsettled transactions may be difficult in the emerging legal risks. However, according to experts, these foreigners among these clients are not many. “Basically it’s subsidiaries offshore structures large Russian financial institutions, – the head of the Treasury Metallinvestbank Selim Agarzaev. – The liquidity situation is not improving, and companies are forced to raise liquidity from all available sources.”
CB Also worrying is that almost 40% of the Transaction – this action. The potential fall of stocks during the crisis quite considerably, during the crisis of 2008, the shares of “Gazprom” fell four times. “In the case of non-deal with lenders of transactions with the above provision may lead to significant losses from the sale (re-) software” – indicates the CB.
Stress Test CB revealed that the most risky operations in the repo market are transactions in which the borrower is a non-bank financial institutions (brokers, investment companies). In a crisis, the share of outstanding transactions amounted to 32.9% of them, the amount of outstanding transactions – 18.4 billion rubles., Which is 200 million rubles. greater than that of banks. “In addition, the risks of these transactions higher due to the fact that, unlike banks supervision of non-bank institutions is less restrictive, and therefore these participants more likely to use the more risky strategy in the market,” – said in a report of the Central Bank. “Investment companies easier than banks, to build the pyramids repo (purchase of securities on the funds borrowed on the security of the other papers, and so many times. – ” B “), they do not have such stringent capital requirements, – the head of department for the financial markets Solid Bank Fedor Tikhonov. – therefore such companies can make a difference in rates, but in the event of crises such schemes carry risks. ”

Peter Rudenko


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Russian financial system stability is bad / / Monitoring / rating

World Economic Forum (WEF) released yesterday, “Statement of Financial Development Report 2012.” In the ranking of the world’s financial centers of Russia in comparison with 2011 has kept low 39th place out of 62 possible. Russian authorities’ efforts to transform Moscow into the global financial capital, analysts WEF again appreciated.
However, against the background of the “stagnation” of global finance and no significant change at the top of the rankings. Top 5 in comparison with last year’s study has not changed: Hong Kong, USA, UK, Singapore, Australia. According to the authors, the financial systems of countries around the world have entered the phase of stagnation, which makes recovery of the global economy. Some improvements are observed only in the banking system – in terms of capital adequacy ratio of non-performing loans to total issued.
Ranking of countries with the most developed financial systems and capital markets, the WEF is the fifth year. With its creation included about 120 different factors of financial development. Among them – the business and institutional environment, financial stability, market conditions, access to finance and the development of the banking and non-banking financial services. The maximum score for each indicator – seven points, the mean value and determines the final score and rank. Score to the leader, Hong Kong, – 5.31 points, Russia – 3.3 points. The situation in other countries except Russia BRICS is different. China for a year lost four positions in the ranking, dropping to 23rd place from 19th, Brazil dropped two positions – up to 32 th place, India – four (40 th place), taking place next to the Russian Federation.
According to the authors, Russia still does not provide the required level of access to finance for business (53rd place on this indicator). Relative strengths of the Russian financial system identified by such factors as the business climate (32 th place), financial markets (35th place, especially the stock market, a situation which has improved), non-banking financial services (8 th) securitization (third place) and mergers and acquisitions (7th place). To the chagrin of the Russian authorities, the weaknesses attributed unfavorable and deteriorating all the regulatory environment (59th), the development of the banking sector (58th) and the relative instability of the financial system (41-th place in the first place because of the situation in the banking sector).

Pacific Exchange opened lower on statdannnyh and news from Greece

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PIC thought about going public

Developer PIC may return to the idea of ​​SPO. Companies need money to pay off debts.

EGM PIK Group on December 10 will consider the additional issue, the company said, without disclosing the possible amount and timing. PIC is considering various fund raising options, says the company. The convening of the meeting, he insists, « is a technical,” is the first step to a potentially possible deployment of new shares.

money, according to a PIC, the company needs to reduce its debt burden. At the end of the first half of 2012, the net debt of the Group amounted to 43.2 billion rubles. According to the consensus forecast of Bloomberg, it is 5.6 times more than the forecast 2012 EBITDA ( 7.7 billion rubles.) and almost a quarter less than the projected revenue ( 56,9 billion rubles.). As of September, this year, the company must pay the bank 7.6 billion rubles., In 2013? 20 billion rubles., Stated in a presentation to investors ( is on the site). The developer expects to roll over loans, says his spokesman. Investor interest in the securities of the PIC would rise if the company has reduced its debt by 40 percent, the analyst « VTB Capital” Maria Kolbina .

by raising funds the company could not only reduce the debt burden, but also to run idle projects, thus creating added value for investors, said a senior analyst « Uralsib Capital” Marat Ibragimov. At the end of 2011 portfolio of Socrates

The official exchange rates of the Central Bank of Russia on 01


Australian Dollar British Pound 32.5665 50.4593 Belarusian ruble ** 36.7811 54.4872 * Danish Krone U.S. Dollar Euro 31.3743 40.6548 58.0414 Indian Rupee Kazakhstan Tenge *** *** 20.8052 31.3963 Canadian Dollar Chinese Yuan * 50.2914 Norwegian Kroon * 54.7077 47.1488 SDR Singapore Dollar 25.6998 17.4787 New Turkish Lira Ukrainian hryvnia * 38.3643 * 47.2142 Swedish Krona Swiss Franc Japanese Yen 33.6381 *** 39.3828 * Over 10. ** Over 10000. For 100 ***.

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Innovators submit to a new orbit / / Dmitry Medvedev convened the first fruits of the field upgrade

Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev yesterday opened the international forum “Open Investments” – a single forum of the Russian innovation gosinfrastruktury. If all the plans are realized the White House, the head “RUSNANO” Anatoly Chubais could fly into space, as may or may not happen a lot of other very interesting and important events in the economy and in the markets of Russia and the world.

International Forum “Open Investments” which opened yesterday at the Expocentre in Moscow, is the successor of the international nanotechnology exhibition “Rusnano”. Probably not to arrange the competition between institutions of each other, as well as for “cross-pollination” “RUSNANO” Structure of the Fund “Skolkovo” Russian Venture Company, Sberbank, Vnesheconombank, “Russian Technologies”, technology parks, as well as all of their many wards, in 2012, and it was decided to conduct a single forum with a single exhibition – and the forum, respectively, to collect all public and private innovators Russia. To “Open Investments” timed out and government regulations on the new system of rating university tomorrow White House will consider a state program for Science (see page 5), October 29, the de facto to the forum, President Vladimir Putin held a meeting of the Council for Science and Innovation. Today, the “Open Investments” opened the Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev, who started a majority of the projects that became the basis of the innovation infrastructure as president of Russia. This was not just another forum on the way to Russia to conduct innovative modernization, but also the first show of its fruits: the numerous start-ups and projects at the exhibition for the Forum were well represented.
can not say that the prime minister had nothing to show – but, as is usually the case at such events, the light now looks modest bright future. Examples of innovative products Mr. Medvedev demonstrated crystals products manufacturers, equipment for public transportation, which is using GLONASS determine exactly when to arrive at the next bus route (which, alas, suggests that the schedule in Russia in this case would not will assist in the future), the innovative customs station with fast clearance of imports (which works, however, only in the technopolis “Moscow” and only in semi-manual mode). Chapter “RUSNANO” Anatoly Chubais at the stand “Skolkovo” showed Dmitry Medvedev Russian-made clotting tests and innovative individual meter. But all this was not any comparison with the abundance of ideas, which were full of stands of.
That the future better than the present, further emphasized attended the forum Virgin Group owner Richard Branson, who built his entire business to considerable innovation “additives” in the ordinary business (telecom, airlines) and bold ideas. He also was the author of a sensation, if designed the partnership is “Rusnano” and Virgin in energy efficiency will successful, the chapter “RUSNANO” Anatoly Chubais enough to say “yes” to fly in space (more precisely, on suborbital orbit) at the projected tourist Virgin rocket plane. Chapter “Rusnano” nothing against the cosmonaut had: in the end, it’s like most of what was said at the “Open Investments” will not happen tomorrow.

“There is already up to the view that the repayment of the loan – it is also imposed the condition at hand”

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JAR Government approves draft regional budget for 2013

Birobidzhan. November 1. VOSTOK-MEDIA – The Government of the Jewish Autonomous Region has approved the draft of the regional budget for 2013 and the planning period of two years. On this day RIA “Vostok-Media” in the department of press service of the governor and government of EAO.

As the chief financial

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