Hackers have come under payment / / Average check for their services is $ 50

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                        Hackers have come under account


                        Average bill for their services is $ 50


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              In the Russian market

malicious computer activity are about 20 thousand Russians and immigrants from the former Soviet Union, experts evaluated the antivirus software manufacturer Trend Micro. They have recorded over 51 thousand offers of purchase and sale of services DDoS-attacks, spamming, hacking email accounts and social networks.

US-Japan antivirus software maker Trend Micro released a report “Russian Underground 101″, which tells about the services of the Russian market of cybercrime and prices for them for last year. , Told “Kommersant” senior virus analyst at Trend Micro Maxim Goncharov, for the report analyzed more than 130 hacker forums with public access, including Antichat.ru, Xeka.ru, Carding-cc.com, Exploit.IN. The most popular service, which Russians and immigrants from the former Soviet Union had on the illegal market of computer malicious activity was registered programming. In particular, set up blockers Windows, Trojans, spam algorithms, bots DDoS (programs for attacks such as denial of service. – “B” ). According to Mr. Goncharov, representatives of the Russian kiberpodpolya performed 989 such orders, more than 4 thousand software developers met in the former Soviet Union.
for mailing malware attacker needs a site and hosting, says Maxim Goncharov. Until recently, hackers have been popular sites in the blast zone. Ru. But about a year and a half ago for the registration of sites in the area have started to demand a copy of the passport, documents now need to register the host. Therefore, the number of infected sites in the area. Ru declined sharply, but sales in the forums appeared scanned documents – passports, driver’s licenses, said the source “b”. Thus, according to him, a scan of the passport of a citizen of the Russian Federation and CIS countries costs from $ 2 to $ 5, a European passport – $ 5. Copies of documents may leak, for example, the Moscow stations, where the passport is scanned when checking in luggage, says Mr. Goncharov.
popular service was the hackers hacking email accounts Mail.ru, Yandex.ru and Rambler.ru, what they are asking from $ 16 to $ 150. For breaking into a foreign e-mail services hackers requested award. Prices for access to the account in Gmail were at $ 180, Hotmail – to $ 350. For breaking into corporate email attackers requested $ 500. The forums have also been proposals for hacking accounts in social networks “in contact”, “Classmates”, Facebook and Skype, but these services are less popular, the report said. Hacking accounts in networks “in contact” and “Classmates” costs from $ 97 to $ 130, if the attacker is known to the e-mail account holder, otherwise the price for the illegal service starts at $ 325.
“Russian underground – is about 135 forums, where tens of thousands of pages of offers to buy or sell tools for cybercrime. These are thousands of people who are divided into groups by industries and professionalism. But it is only the top of the iceberg – there are also private forums, IRC-channels and VPN-network, where the industrial revolutions and serious price. This suggests that illegal IT-market in Russia is quite large, “- said Maxim Goncharov. In just the past year on the forums he averaged more than 51 thousand offers hackers and other services on the order of four thousand criminals from Russia and the CIS 15 thousand inhabitants. The average transaction price is $ 50, which means that the average turnover for the 12 months – about $ 2.5 million, estimated Mr. Goncharov.
Chapter ESET Virus Research Centre Alexander Matrosov says the study does not account for Trend Micro criminal business of banking malware, and it is the most profitable. “Earnings one cybercriminal groups midsize by Russian banks – millions of rubles a week,” – says Mr. sailors. Russian hackers last year earned $ 4.5 billion (Data Group IB), and it is closer to reality, he said.

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“Even so, the average yield savings in the NPF has exceeded inflation”

President of “Center for Strategic Research” Mikhail Dmitriev believes that some violations of market participants is not a reason to abandon the funded pillar pensions.

– There is no reason to assert that the funded component is not paid off. Mandatory savings invested in NPF only seven years, three of which fell on hard financial crisis. But even in these conditions, the average yield savings in the NPF has exceeded inflation. Should consider the possibility of using the experience of other countries, such as Sweden. There, for the investment of pension savings, the principle of the life cycle of a pensioner. He suggests investing savings new entrants to the pension system in shares for high long-term profitability in the future the proportion of shares is reduced, and at the time of retirement savings are placed in a less profitable, but more robust. In particular, the state pension fund of Sweden 100% savings of young workers, new entrants to the system, invest in stocks, and then annually reducing their stake to 3%. If, in 2002, our pension system has been using this principle, the return on pension savings would be much higher than inflation. In the period from January 1, 2002 prior to the October 2012 stock index RTS rose by 450% in the accumulated inflation for the same period of 190%. Annual yield ten investments in the RTS index in this period would exceed inflation by an average of 13.6%.
– Now concerning SPC operates surveillance system is designed to check compliance with the standards of their work. Actions of management companies spetsdepozitariyami monitored daily and the Federal Service for Financial Markets. In the practice of other countries are increasingly adopting more modern system of risk-based supervision and control, where the control of standards is replaced or supplemented by mechanisms and optimize the investment risks. We also developed and submitted to the ministries and departments of the “road map” for the transition to a modern system of risk-based supervision, its implementation is for the period up to 2018.
– It’s impossible. Voluntary retirement savings employers and citizens were not growing in real terms since the middle of last decade. Currently, they reach only about 8 million people, while the mandatory funded system involved 74 million In addition, the number of employees in large companies is reduced by 1 million a year, employment growth is mainly in the service sector, where the development of corporate pension systems has no future. In large companies, with less than a quarter of total employment, and the share is declining. Development of voluntary corporate systems and prevent high turnover, characteristic of the Russian labor market. With an objective of limited mobility of pension plans much of the employment in large companies would not be able to form additional retirement savings at work.
– The share of formal sector in the Russian economy does fall from 1999 to 2009, it fell from 81% to 67%. However, subject to the pension strategy, as presented, this process can only accelerate. The fact that the new pension formula link between pension contributions and benefits substantially weakened. Respectively, and reduce the incentive for the payment of contributions.

The weighted average rate on a weekly Lombard CBR was 5.52%.

Quote.rbc.ru 30.10.2012 18:13

average rate at today Lombard loan auctions of the Central Bank (CB) of the Russian Federation to the provision of funds for the week (seven days) was 5.52% per annum, according to Department of External and Public Relations of the Bank of Russia. Cut-off rate was set at 5.5% per annum.

The auction was attended by 17 resident credit institutions from 10 regions of Russia. At the auction, banks have filed applications with the offer of interest rates in the range of 5.5 to 5.6% per annum.

date provision Lombard loan – October 31, 2012., The date of the loan and pay interest on it – 7 November 2012.

The average rate of the dollar rose to 31.53 rubles


average dollar exchange rate against the ruble calculations of” tomorrow ” Unified Trading Session (UTS) of MICEX, which set the official rate of the Central Bank, at 11.30 MSK Tuesday rose 8.79 cent, amounting to 31.5252 rubles. On Monday, the average rate was 31.4373 rubles to the dollar, RIA “Novosti».

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The average U.S. dollar exchange rate with a term for “today” on the UTS was 31.448 rubles.


average rate of the U.S. dollar with a term for” today “on the basis of single trading session down compared to the previous trading by 21 points (1 point corresponds to 0.01 kopeks.) and reached 31.448 rubles. Minimum rate of U.S. dollar was 31.39 rubles., Maximum – 31.481 rubles. 4078 deals were concluded.

This is an incomplete text of the news. Read more on the website Finmarket

Finance – Rambler-News

As of 13:00 MSK average rate of purchase / sale of cash dollar in Bank of Moscow was 31.14 / 31.66 rubles.

Personal Money

October 29. FINMARKET.RU – As of 13:00 MSK based on information provided by banks and exchange offices in Moscow, the average rate of purchase / sale of cash dollar was 31.14 / 31.66 rubles. dollar. Compared to the previous day average purchase rate rose by 2 cop., Average selling rate fell by 2 cop.

Best Buying rate 31,37-31,27 rubles. for dollar, the best selling rates 31,45-31,55 rubles. for a dollar.

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Finance – Rambler-News

Rally on the structural “bear” market is already longer than the average cycle

Rally in the structural

Quote.rbc.ru 24.10.2012 18:45

known that the market has a collective memory – he remembers the price levels set in the past. The S & P 500 in this regard is no exception, says analyst at RW Market Advisory Ron William. “The level of 1400 points still creates considerable resistance – he said Bloomberg. – Rally on structural” bear “market, which began in 2009., Is already longer than the average duration of the cycle – it suggests that the movement is being depleted as the price level, and in duration. growth index provide mainly shares of major companies like Apple “.

senior strategist at Wells Fargo Advisors Scott Wren, in turn, suggests that the growth of the U.S. stock market will continue into next year. “Our target range for the S & P 500 at the end of next year – 1525-1575 points. Now the market in the middle of our target corridor at the end of this year – 1400-1450 points. Now be more volatile, but the market is supported by the Federal Reserve. Next , the growth of corporate profits would be better – at least better than in III quarter. situation in Europe will be not so bad, China’s growth will accelerate, and the global economy will recover, “- added S.Ren.

“We have to shift from U.S. stocks in European and Chinese. Due to the debt crisis of the Old World stocks have become too cheap., We expect that, when there will be more certainty about the future actions of Spain, the European markets go up – says chief investment strategist at Janney Montgomery Scott, Mark Lucin. – Spain had only one option – to ask for help, and when she does, stocks will go up to reduce the risk. We believe that it is better not to wait for good news and buy now – then it will be more expensive. European stocks are now very attractive compared to American “.


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