The official exchange rates of the Central Bank of Russia on 01

Australian Dollar British Pound 32.5665 50.4593 Belarusian ruble ** 36.7811 54.4872 * Danish Krone U.S. Dollar Euro 31.3743 40.6548 58.0414 Indian Rupee Kazakhstan Tenge *** *** 20.8052 31.3963 Canadian Dollar Chinese Yuan * 50.2914 Norwegian Kroon * 54.7077 47.1488 SDR Singapore Dollar 25.6998 17.4787 New Turkish Lira Ukrainian hryvnia * 38.3643 * 47.2142 Swedish Krona Swiss Franc Japanese Yen 33.6381 *** 39.3828 * Over 10. ** Over 10000. For 100 ***.

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The Ethics Commission will consider claims Promsvyazbank and Nomos Bank to the SR Mikheyev

Duma Commission on Parliamentary Ethics November 8 may consider treatment PSB and Nomos Bank, requiring a deputy Oleg Mikheev SR-return funds, told RIA Novosti Deputy Chairman Andrey Andreev ( KPRF).

He noted that the applications were Banks directed the chairman of the State Duma Sergei Naryshkin, who redirected them to the Commission on Ethics and monitor income members.

« We got them. Next meeting of the committee will be held on November 8. I believe that they will be considered, the agenda I have not seen it, but the speaker assignments are always treated as a priority, “- said Andreev.

He noted that this is not the first call Promsvyazbank and Nomos Bank about Mikheyev, before the commission makes a decision already, that does not see in action Mikheev ethics violations. According to the Communist Commission should review the text of the new emails to tell if there any new facts.

Promsvyazbank and Nomos-Bank, members of the thirty largest in Russia, require a State Duma deputy Oleg Mikheev repay debts amounting to more than 2 billion rubles. Mikheyev said earlier that the banks are unfounded claims against and preparing a campaign to strip the parliamentary mandate, as was the case with his colleague « Wed “Gennady Gudkov, in September.

The Bank of Russia will discuss the possibility to refinance banks for three years

CB planned discussion on extending the maximum term refinancing of banks from the current one year, said deputy chairman Sergei Shvetsov journalists today. Now under the law on the Central Bank of Russia refinancing maximum term limited to one year. « The discussion has not started, the answer is no,” said Shvetsov.

representatives of the Central Bank have repeatedly said that the tasks of the Central Bank does not include long-term credit banks, its task? maintenance of their short-term liquidity, and most of the central banks are not lending at longer terms.

During the crisis, the European Central Bank gave an example, having two three-year auction. First ECB held December 21, 2011, was attended by 500 banks that took nearly 500 billion euros. The second was in February 2012? then about 800 banks took loans by 530 billion euros at the refinancing rate of 1%. The ECB said the decision to hold two tenders for the provision of loans to banks for a period of three years, will provide them with the necessary liquidity to pay off debt and will reduce the yield of government bonds of the euro area. U.S. Federal Reserve to support the financial system buys long-term bonds of U.S. banks.

According to Shvetsov, in Russia there is no shortage of liquidity.

In June 2012 the Bank of Russia Chairman Sergei Ignatiev said bankers that regulator opposes the extension of bank refinancing to three years. Ignatieff said that he saw no need for this as long-term funds of the Central Bank does not enjoy special demand.

Gref joins criticism of tight monetary policy of the Central Bank →

Earlier Sweden says that the Central Bank is ready to discuss the possibility of redemption of mortgage bonds, which are issued for a period of over a year. Also, the Central Bank intends to make more marketable? floating? rates on loans for more than a month, and it should increase the attractiveness of longer loan securities, and at times to increase the demand for them. In 2013, the Central Bank will discuss with the bank to cancel the one-day repo.

summer in the State Duma bankers were proposals to confer the powers of the Central Bank to lend for more than three years. Deputy Anatoly Aksakov said that in November, the amendments will be considered by the committee on the financial markets.

to ask for a longer and bankers? on behalf of the head of the banking community Andrey Kostin sent a letter to the Government a proposal to amend the law « On the Central Bank “, extend the refinancing three times? from one year to three years. Bankers also proposed to introduce a refinancing in dollars or euros, depending on the needs of the borrowing bank.

Central Bank is willing to discuss extension of the terms of bank refinancing. 31.10.2012 11:50

Central Bank (CB) of the Russian Federation has scheduled debate on granting loans to Russian banks for a term exceeding one year. This was announced at a press briefing, Deputy Chairman of the Bank of Russia Sergei Shvetsov. “This discussion is planned, but has not yet begun, and so far no decision there,” – he said.

Earlier CBR categorically refused to lengthen the term of the refinancing of banks for a period of one to three years, despite the fact that the banking community has expressed the need to provide liquidity to control up to three years.

Demand for central bank gold kept above 1700 dollars. / Oz.

Demand central banks kept gold above $  1,700 / ounce 31.10.2012 08:51

cost of precious metals on the basis of trading on Tuesday, October 30, in New York City has changed in different directions. Official spot rates were as follows: Gold – 1710 dollars. / Ounce (-0.05%), silver – 31.85 dollars. / Ounce (-0.03%), platinum – 1556 dollars. / Ounce (0.65 %), palladium – 599 dollars. / ounce (1.19%).

Over the last couple of weeks, gold no interest from buyers. The reason was the inability to break through solid metal and an important resistance level of 1800 USD. / Oz, says strategist and director of exchange-traded products Saxo Bank Ole Slot Hansen.

add to it the fact that economic data in the U.S. improved, forcing players to consider whether the liberalization measures of monetary policy in the U.S. to support gold as long as expected. Over the last two months of participation of speculators in the face of hedge fund trading has increased significantly, and because traders who use leverage, much less patient than investors who invest in exchange traded funds that do not use, they began to cut positions when gold is not failed for the third time in the last year to pass the resistance level of 1800 USD. / oz.

complete the picture disappointing corporate statements of operations in the U.S., which caused players to give up risky investments and, consequently, provoked the sale of shares and commodities, such as crude oil and precious metals. Particularly strong disappointment brought the company Apple, which recently was referred to as “garage for hedge funds” because of the continuing growth of the stock.

culmination of sales of gold – test the psychologically important level of 1700 USD. / Oz. But this mark is held. Support to the market was news from the IMF that the central banks continue to buy gold in the physical market. Especially rapidly growing demand in India, where the approaching season of festivals. Nevertheless, in the short term, the negative attitude to risk is a threat to all asset classes, including gold, concluded the analyst.

at 8:00 MSK on Wednesday, October 31, gold futures stood at 1,711.94 dollars. / Ounce (-0.01%), silver – 31.86 dollars. / Ounce (+ 0.18%), platinum – 1557.2 dollars. / ounce (0.23%), palladium – 598.5 USD. / ounce (0.4%).

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