Interbank Hryvnia closes Oct. weak decrease

Interbank Hryvnia closes Oct. weak decrease
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today, 31 October, at the Ukrainian interbank market rates for the U.S. currency rose, the euro also rose in price. Thus, the interbank trading in the U.S. dollar 8.1720 Open Next / 8.1820 to 12:00 prices rose 8.1850 / 8.1910. By close of trading, price levels fell 8.1825 / 8.1875. This was reported in InterBiznesKonsalting. In foreign exchange rates on the currency pair euro-dollar ranged 1,2950 / 1,3020.

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Dollar exchange rate will decrease by 4 cents to 31.44 rubles

average dollar exchange rate on a single trading session, the calculations of” tomorrow “As of 11:30 MSK fell 4.07 cent to $ 31.4373 rubles per dollar. Bank of Russia April 15, 2003 set the official dollar exchange rate against the ruble on the basis of the weighted average, existing as of 11:30 MSK.

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Rating The U.S. is now not going to decrease, refuted speculation Fitch

International rating agency Fitch Ratings is not going to immediately reduce the main credit rating of the United States. The agency said that in response to speculation that emerged and which rozkolísaly financial markets. Fitch referred to its report in July, which states that an evaluation needs more time. The United States has the Fitch rating to the highest possible level AAA.

“I can only refer to our report, where we note that it is unlikely that we will have to review its rating or outlook before the end of 2013, “said agency spokesman query Fitch Ratings Brian Bertsch.

Agency 10th July issued a press release stating that unless there something unpredictable, a new assessment of the ability to pay obligations of the United States probably can not wait until the end of 2013.

Fitch rating is now at the U.S. negative outlook. This means that if she decided to change the rating, it will definitely downward. Change rating but not sure, if would improve debt parameters and Washington will not let the country began to operate in January budgetary provisional situation might Fitch highest rating of the United States to maintain.

The U.S. economy is the largest in the world, the gross domestic product around the world, accounting for about 20 percent. The United States have always been rated at the highest possible level, and their bonds serve as a benchmark for other countries. Last summer, but it ceased to apply, as Standard & Poor’s lowered the U.S. credit rating by one notch to AA-plus mark. However, with a negative outlook.

Reduce rating should immediately notice a dramatic impact on the prices of virtually all assets. Pessimism but gradually faded and the obligations of the United States financial markets still rates as one of the safest. Confidence is reflected in U.S. bond yields, which has since steadily declined.

Caterpillar quarterly earnings surprise, but disappointing sales and waiting for next year to 5% decrease

American giant that is the global leader in the production of construction and mining machinery, has announced that in the third quarter, a profit 2.54 per diluted share, which is adjusted for non-recurring items comparable to the market consensus the amount of $ 2.22. Levels lagged sales company for $ 16.74 billion consensus when reported 16.45 billion, while reducing full-year outlook. Shares Friday after losing 3.2 percent in premarket fall by 1.3%.

Compared profit for the third quarter increased to $ 1.7 billion from USD 1.14 billion, while sales rose to 16.4 billion from 15.7 billion. For this year, the company reduced earnings per share outlook to 9.0 to 9.25 USD from now expected $ 9.6, which is below the market consensus of 9.42 per diluted share, on revenues of roughly $ 66 billion level (previously expected 68 to 70 billion USD). For 2013, the company awaits the development of sales within 5procentního 5procentního growth to decline. This would mean the slowest pace in four years after the 2010 revenue growth was 31 percent in 2011 and 41 percent this year, the rate estimated at 13%.

“Caterpillar faces several various adverse factors, of which the most fundamental is the macroeconomic environment, which led to significantly lower commodity prices, which reflected the investment costs (capex), lower orders and revenues,” said Joel Levington from Brookfield Investment Management. “The level of inventories remain high, which may further depress the volume of production,” he adds.

Chief Executive Officer and Board of Directors Doug Oberhelman since its launch in July 2010 in front went through investments in factories and expansion. His strategy, however, faced with a crisis in Europe and slowdown in emerging markets from China to Brazil.

during September cut its profit outlook for the year 2015 range from 15 to 20 per share to 12-18 per share. Last month, the company also joined the assumption that 2013 will be the matter of global growth similar to this year. For lower expected profits to be among others to reduce capital expenditures mining companies.

(Source: Bloomberg)

The PSE will be followed by a slight decrease in the region, the vendor may entice KB and Telefónica …

The PSE during Wednesday and lost PX index closed with a loss of 0.24 percent for above-average liquidity. Failed to CEZ energy, whose shares have weakened to 722 CZK, or miners NWR, which ended at 85.50 CZK with the loss of a quarter of a percent.

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JPMorgan Asset Management: In October, markets may decrease by 5%

JPMorgan Asset Management: In October, may decrease markets by 5% 11.10.2012 10:05

situation in Europe creates a good environment for the markets. First, the region’s economy is stabilizing, but not falling apart. Second, the ECB, the IMF and the EU authorities preparing plans to further deal with the crisis, stresses JPMorgan Asset Management strategist Andrew Economos. The expert is sure that after the November U.S. politicians to reach an agreement and come up with something to extend the program of tax cuts. Perhaps, they will spend the reduction of some expenditure items, but most of the problem will be left for later, said the strategist.

“If the markets could be kept in” sideways “when everyone expected catastrophe, but now, with the obvious improvement of the situation with regard to the policies of central banks, they need to grow. In October, the stock markets may decrease by 5%, but in general the IV quarter looks promising, “- said the expert Bloomberg.

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