France called on Google to negotiate with publishers / / Otherwise, the company will have to pay for the content provided by a search engine

French Government consider adopting a law that would force Google to pay for the provided content in the search engine, if the company fails to negotiate with publishers on the distribution of advertising revenue to the end of the year.

France intends to consider the adoption of a law that would force the U.S. search engine Google to pay for the right to use the French news media, if the company does not settle the debate about advertising revenue with publishers, said the administration of President Francois Hollande on Monday.
In a meeting with Chairman of the Board of Directors of Google Eric Schmidt President Hollande said that would like to see an agreement between the company and the publishers had been reached by the end of the year. “Dialogue and negotiations between the partners seem the best option, but if necessary we will take appropriate law” – Francois Hollande said Mr. Schmidt, quoted by the press service of the President of France Elysee Palace.
Google refused comment on the statement of the French president, but we know that the company has previously stated that the adoption of such a law was just no French newspapers from its search engine.
leading French publishers last month petitioned the government the country to adopt legislation that will settle their dispute with Google, forcing him and other search engines to share profits with the French newspapers. Their request was followed after the German government approved a similar bill.
French newspapers hope that the adoption of this law will be a means of support for their business, which is under threat due to the outflow of advertisers of the print media.

Brazilian media refused to cooperate with Google


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National Association of Media in Brazil, including 154 leading publications of the country, came out of the collaboration with the news aggregator Google News. According to the association, participation in the project does not work well: allow service to copy the first paragraphs of news reports, newspapers do not increase online traffic, but rather lose it.

“allowing internet users to get acquainted with the initial part of text, Google News reduces the chances that they will go to the link “- quoted the president of association of Carlos Fernando Lindenberg Neto BBC. Top manager said that cooperation with the U.S. IT-giant began two years ago, and the experience can make binding findings.

In combining the Brazilian press are ready to continue cooperation with Google only, provided that the Corporation will make payments for the use of content. In turn, the search engines consider such a question absurd.

“Google provides a billion hits on news websites around the world” – reminds one of the company Marcel Leonardi. According to him, to ask for money from a search engine in this situation so ridiculous as to tax the taxi driver podvozyaschego visitors to the restaurant.

Previously, Google has found himself involved in a conflict with the German authorities. In Berlin, accepted a bill obliging Google to pay publishers charge for links to their articles on the Web: as German MPs plan to ensure copyright compliance.

October 21, 2012


Google – problem of declining profitability (comment to 3Q12)

In yesterday’s outlook before the publication of the results, we wrote that the focus will be mainly profitability of major operations. She ended up far below market estimates.

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Google ran weak Q3 numbers. After a decline in profits for fifth -8%

American Internet company yesterday announced unexpectedly early results for the third quarter were disappointing for the market and resulted in the descent of the title by more than 10 percent. This led to a temporary suspension of trading in shares of Google to eventually concluded with 8procentní loss on the price of 695 USD.

The company has managed the purified 3Q earnings per share of $ 9.03 for the expected $ 10.65. After deducting the commission that the company pays its advertising partners, revenue amounted to 11.3 billion USD, as well as the consensus reached 11.8 billion USD.

G had to disclose financial results after the market closes, the results However, previously discovered accidentally. said printer R.R. Donnelley & Sons sent the results to the American Commission for the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) earlier. Shares of the company reacted to notice a decrease by up to 10 per cent and trading was halted later investors to the message digest. At the close of trading stocks suffered the loss of 8%.

The poor performance also apparently contributed to a strong dollar. Excluding currency effects, revenues were about 136 million USD higher. Without taking mobile phone manufacturer Motorola, revenues increased by only 18 percent.

For the fourth consecutive quarter, reported a decline in the average cost per click (CPC), which is a measure of what price advertisers pay Google. Average CPC decreased by 15 percent compared to the second quarter by three percent. Google revenues are under pressure because of the pending transfer of users from PC to tablets and smart phones.

in May completed the takeover of loss-making mobile phone manufacturer Motorola Mobility for 12.5 billion USD, which is now trying to return to profit. recently surpassed and became the second largest U.S. technology company in terms of market capitalization, wrote the AP and Reuters.

(Source: ńĆTK, Bloomberg)

Trading on Wall Street affected the premature disclosure of worse results Google (-8%), Nasdaq -1%; season results so far above expectations

Thursday’s trading on Wall Street was marked by the premature publication of results, which was to report after market close. 3Q profits by trading with adjusted $ 9.03 / share in expectation $ 10.65 / share, with sales of $ 11.3 billion, while the average analytical estimate was 11.8 billion USD. Shares after this unexpected surprise fell by more than 10% and trading with this title has been broken. Shares of the Internet giant finally closed by 8% below the 695 USD.

Index DJIA eventually wrote a moderate 0.06%, S & P 500 lost 0.24%, while the Nasdaq fell under the weight of the percentage of shares. The macroeconomic data comforted investors index of leading indicators, which grew rapidly in the last seven months, and the index of industry sentiment in Philadelphia Fed. Expectations but significantly lagged weekly applications for unemployment benefits.

Gain a mere penny above expectations and outlook in line with expectations enough shares to more than 5% rally. Decent results but not enough bank shares, which fell by almost 4 percent. So far, reported nearly 20% of companies in the S & P 500 and 65% of them managed to surpass the level of earnings estimates by analysts. If the rest of the companies reported results in line with expectations and the results of companies in this index in aggregate declined by 1.5% when analysts before the season predicted 2.2% decline.

Google turned false start for the U.S. market drawdown

false start Google turned to the U.S. market drawdown 19.10.2012 09:37

Stock trades in the U.S. on October 18 ended lower in the leading index. The main event of the last session was the unexpected publication of a quarterly report of the Internet giant Google, disappointed investors.

recall that the report for the I quarter of 2012-2013 fiscal year was released prematurely due to an error committed by one of its employees. Google’s net profit for the period decreased by 20% compared to the same period last year and amounted to 2.17 billion dollars in the I quarter of 2011-2012. net profit was 2.72 billion dollars has been unsatisfactory results for Wall Street, so that by the end of trading Google shares lost 8% of its value.

Other representatives of the high-tech sector also reported a decline in prices. In particular, the paper corporation AOL dropped in price by 3.7%, while Yahoo! and Misrosoft – by 0.6 and 0.3%, respectively.

also negatively influenced the trading had macroeconomic data. According to the U.S. Department of Labor (US Department of Commerce), the number of initial claims for unemployment benefits last week, which ended on 13 October 2012. Rose to 388 thousand Analysts forecast a less significant increase in the index – only to 365 thousand claims. According to experts, this increase is due to seasonal fluctuations that are typical for the beginning of the next quarter.

unfavorable statistics negative impact on quoted U.S. banks. Shares of JPMorgan Chase dropped in price by 0.7%, while its rival Citigroup – 0.1%.

a result of trading on October 18 2012. Dow Jones index fell by 8.06 points (-0.06%) – up to 13,548.94 points, the S & P fell 3.57 points (-0.24%) – to 1457.34 points, while the NASDAQ index fell by 31.25 points (-1.01%) – up to 3072.87 points.

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