The leader of the Greek left-radical movement requires SYRIZA cancel the agreement with the EU and the IMF. 07.05.2012 05:06

leader of left-radical movement SYRIZA, occupying second place in elections to the Greek Parliament, Alexis Tsipras announced his claim to cancel the agreement with the European Union and the International Monetary Fund, reports Reuters.

“(Chancellor of West Germany), Angela Merkel should realize that a policy of austerity measures is defeated, “- said A.Tsipras.

Also, noting that the proponents of the agreement – PASOK and the” New Democracy “- are now a minority in Parliament, A.Tsipras suggested that the left parties to form a coalition in order to achieve a deal with creditors.

However, a number of parties, in particular, the Communist Party of Greece, a proposal rejected A.Tsiprasa cooperation.

Greek economy is experiencing a serious crisis. In March of 2012. after a successful swap of government bonds held by the private sector, the International Monetary Fund and the Eurogroup approved the allocation of Athens the second package of the loan in excess of 130 billion euros.