Vekselberg after the sale of the stake in TNK-BP has no plans to engage in the oil business

Vekselberg after the sale of the stake in TNK-BP has no plans to engage in the oil business

founder of the group “Renova” Viktor Vekselberg said on October 31 that after the sale of its stake in TNK-BP plans more involved in the oil business. “No, no plans” – billionaire RIA “Novosti”, responding to a question. However, he said it does not plan to conduct oil business, either in Russia or abroad.

Spain has no plans to apply for the EU finpomoschyu

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rally on October 30, the day of the political prisoner, the oldest human rights organizations? Center “Memorial”, Moscow Helsinki Group, the movement “For Human Rights”? spend more than 10 years, this year the organizers joined the “Committee on May 6″? support group arrested in the case of the riots at the Swamp area, which coordinates assistance to the families of arrested and organizing the collection of funds to pay for lawyers.

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Hurricane “Sandy” that hit the East Coast of the U.S. for two days caused the widespread destruction, not only in New York. Left without electricity for more than 8 million people, as of Wednesday, 43 people were listed as dead. The economic capital of the United States were hit the hardest: partially flooded underground transport tunnels, riparian and coastal areas, burned at least 100 homes in Queens.

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The first meeting of the Coordinating Council of the Opposition (COP) was held on Saturday. Learn more at

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Billionaire Mikhail Prokhorov has led his party “Civic Platform” and will now deal exclusively with politics, hoping to take the niche of a third force? between the Kremlin and the opposition street. He said about the first party congress, held last Saturday.

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opposition tried on Saturday to hold a “silent rally” “From KGB to Lefortovo. We are against repression and torture “: organize pickets chain and a walk from the Lubyanka to the Investigation Committee. Opposition leaders Sergei Udaltsov, Alexei Navalny and Ilya Yashin were detained during the operation against repression in the center of Moscow on Saturday.

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Small Business at the Cathedral of Christ the Savior are interesting people: former adviser Boris Berezovsky called back former manager of “Transneft” and entrepreneur who in the U.S. have tried to link to the “Russian mafia”. Read more in the investigation of “Vedomosti».

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correspondent “Friday” has tested the new product the Japanese Space Research Learn more at

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In rolling out the 23rd James Bond film “The coordinates Skayfoll” with Daniel Craig in the lead role. In addition, this year marks the 50th anniversary of the publication of the first film to the screen on the 007. Bond celebrated the fiftieth anniversary of exhibitions around the world, including in Russia.

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TFR filed five cases of fraud with real estate “Oboronservis” at 3 billion rubles. Investigators from morning conduct searches and interrogations in five cases of the sale of real estate at reduced prices, look at the investigations went Minister Serdyukov. Learn more at

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VI Annual Pharmaceutical Forum

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At a press conference in San Francisco, Apple unveiled a smaller version of a tablet computer? iPad mini. Diagonal screen new iPad?? 7.9 inches compared to 9.7 inches for the “older” model iPad. In this resolution the same for both models? 1024 by 768 pixels? This means that the iPad mini will run all of the applications, they do not have to be rewritten for the new model.

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On Monday, October 22, three-day election in the 45 local coordinating councils opposition. According to the published results of these elections was attended by nearly 82,000 people. 170,012 registered voters, of which procedure to confirm the identity, which gives the opportunity to vote, held 97,712 people.

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Volkswagen presented at the Auto Show in Sao Paulo, a small concept SUV Taigun. The car is driven by a new 3-cylinder 110-horsepower engine TSI with direct fuel injection and turbocharging, which can accelerate the car to 186 km / h top speed and in 9.2 seconds to 100 km / h

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October 23, 2002 at the Theater Center on Dubrovka in Moscow during the show of the musical “Nord-Ost” broke four dozen terrorists. For three days they held in the mined building 912 hostages, including women and children. Assault occurred Oct. 26, before which the ventilation system was put gas whose composition is still a secret, presumably? synthetic opiate.

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October 20 and 21 at the Pipe Square Rally in support of the elections in Koorditsionny council opposition. On the boulevard could register, verify and vote for candidates. Besides, the protesters expressed support Sergei Udaltsov and other opposition leaders, who the day before had been charged in the case of the preparation of the riots.


“Rosneft” no immediate plans to increase its stake in the “RAO”. 31.10.2012 16:33

“Rosneft” no immediate plans to increase its stake in OAO “Inter RAO UES”. This today told reporters the president of “Rosneft” Igor Sechin.

As reported in July 2011. “Rosneft” has increased its share in the “Inter RAO” to 1.36% in exchange for a 100-percent stake in the “RN-Energo”, which was paid in shares of additional issue “RAO” approved by the Board of Directors of the offering price of $ 0.0535 rubles.

Disney announced the purchase of Lucasfilm 4.05 billion dollars and plans to withdraw by 2015. a new episode of “Star Wars.” 31.10.2012 00:47

Disney Company announced the purchase of production company Lucasfilm, owned by the creator of the film “Star Wars” George Lucas.

deal amounted to 4.05 billion U.S. About half of this amount Disney will pay cash, another half – shares company, reports Reuters.

Dzh.Lukasa founded the studio as CEO of the company will replace Kathleen Kennedy, co-chairman of the board. Along with the Disney Company to pass the rights to a series of films, “Star Wars” and related products. The company has already announced that the new, 7th episode of “Star Wars” will be released in 2015. Dzh.Lukas himself to be one of the consultants to create a new movie.

“The time has come to pass” Star Wars “in the hands of a new generation of directors,” – said in a statement Dzh.Lukas.

The first episode of the series, “Star Wars: A New Hope”, was released in rent May 25 1977. and became one of the most popular science fiction XX century. The film received six awards “Oscar” and spawned a number of sequels (continued), prequels (telling backstory events of “Star Wars”), books and computer games that make up the “universe of” Star Wars “.

Walt Disney Co. – one of the largest entertainment companies in the world. was founded in 1923. as animation studio. Currently, in addition to the studio corporation owns 11 theme parks, two water parks and several radio and television stations, including ABC, as well as the animation studio Pixar and publisher Marvel Comics. headquarters of the organization is in g.Berbank (California).

“Yandex” has plans to release financial results for the US GAAP for the III quarter of 2012. 30.10.2012 08:32

Russian Internet company “Yandex” has plans to release financial results for the US GAAP for the III quarter 2012.

net profit of “Yandex” for US GAAP for the II quarter of 2012. compared to the same period in 2011. increased by 76% – up to 2 billion rubles. (60.4 million). Consolidated revenues for the quarter period amounted to 6.8 billion rubles. (207.2 million dollars), up 50% from a year earlier. Operating profit in the II quarter of 2012. amounted to 2.2 billion rubles. (68.4 million), an increase of 63% year on year. Adjusted EBITDA increased by 60% – to 3,1 billion rubles. (93.5 million).

“Yandex” is one of the largest Russian IT-companies and the seventh search engine world by number of queries. “Yandex” appeared in 1997. May 19, 2010. the company has launched an English version of its search engine on the domain, went out, and thus, on an international level. 24 May 2011. ordinary shares of “Yandex” Class “A” began to be traded on the U.S. stock exchange Nasdaq in section Nasdaq Global Select Market. Under the IPO was taken by 52,174,000 shares of Yandex for 25 dollars per share, the placement volume amounted to $ 1.3 billion (excluding the over-subscription option). The total volume of revenues from the sale of shares in the IPO “Yandex” in favor of the company and some of its shareholders reached 1.43 billion dollars

VTB plans to adopt a new strategy with a focus on return on equity of 15-20%. 29.10.2012 20:05

VTB plans in 2013. approve a new strategy for the group. This was said in VTB. Today in London there is a meeting of the group management to investors in non deal road show (not involving a specific transaction).

Top managers VTB tell investors about the current state of the team and give them guidance on its development in the coming years.

“Basic Strategy, scheduled for approval in 2013. Following: ROE – 15-20%; a Tier groups – 10-11% growth in retail loans faster than the market, the growth of corporate Loans together with the market, “- the report says.

VTB also intends to actively develop a transactional business, which even now is making a significant contribution to the increase in commission income. In addition, investors are informed that the VTB is planning a major purchase. “We are confident that this strategy increases the attractiveness of the bank, which will lead to achieve the targets set by the Government as part of the privatization of state property”, – explained in the banking group.

VTB Bank in Russia since 1990., Is the second largest bank in the Russian banking system and is one of VTB. The state owns 75.5% of VTB. The free float is 24.5% of the bank’s shares, traded on the part of the Russian stock exchanges, some drawn in the form of GDR and is traded on the London Stock Exchange. Net profit of VTB Group on International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS) in the I half of 2012. decreased by 37.3% compared to the same period last year and amounted to 33.6 billion rubles.

Putin plans to expand the network of military bases

Russia is negotiating with Cuba, Vietnam, and the Seychelles on the basis of supply bases for the Russian Navy. It is reported Tagesanzeiger referring to the statement of the Russian Navy Commander Victor Chirkova in an interview with RIA “Novosti”.

newspaper reminds that at this time the Russian Navy has only two foreign military bases in Sevastopol and Tartous (Syria). At the moment, the Russian squadron should Tartus to demonstrate support for Syria, long time ally of Russia.

publication notes that the value of the post-Soviet Russian fleet increased only after the Putin presidency. “After a disaster,” Kursk “again began to invest heavily in upgrading and refinement of action in case of emergencies,” – says the publication. However, during the first term, Putin “for strategic reasons” stopped using the first base in Cam Ranh (Vietnam), and then – the Cuban base. Now, according to the publication, these decisions appear to be canceled. According to experts, this is due to the deterioration of relations between Russia and the U.S., primarily because of the Syrian conflict.


NK “Rosneft” plans to release November 1 IFRS financial results for the first 9 months of 2012. 29.10.2012 16:03

NK “Rosneft” plans to release on November 1st 2012. financial results on International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS) for the III quarter and 9 months of this year, the company said.

Recall net profit of “Rosneft” IFRS in January-June 2012. decreased by 45.3% compared to the same period of 2011. and amounted to 104 billion rubles. Revenue same company in the I half of 2012. increased by 18.3% – up to 1 trillion 466 billion rubles.

NK “Rosneft” in 75.16% owned by the state of “Rosneftegaz”, other shares owned by a wide range of investors. To 2015. State plans to give investors up to 25% of the share capital. Audited proven reserves of “Rosneft” PRMS classification at the end of 2010. were 22.77 billion barrels. of oil equivalent. In 2011. Hydrocarbon production increased compared to the previous year by 2.5% – up to 122 million tons of oil and condensate.

GC “leaked” plans to announce results for the III quarter and nine months of 2012. 29.10.2012 10:56

Group “leaked” plans to announce results for the III quarter and nine months of 2012.

GC “leaked” is a holding company headed with “leaked” (performs the function of the management company and consolidates fixed assets of the group). Main areas of activity – distribution of pharmaceuticals and beauty products and health (Center for Implementation “leaked”). In addition, the group includes retailers Ltd. “Rigla” (Russia) and “Evroapteka” (Ukraine), pharmaceuticals plant “Sotex” etc. The final beneficiary of GC “leaked” is its founder Vadim Yakunin. Minority shareholder serves Hungarian chemical plant Gedeon Richter.

“leaked” on 27 April 2010. completed an initial public offering (IPO). The offer price of the shares during the IPO amounted to $ 3.5 per security, involved about $ 400 million total amount of funds received by the supply, reached about $ 400 million

Net income “Protek “IFRS for the I half-year 2012. increased more than three times compared to the same period in 2011. and amounted to 1 billion 221.562 million rubles. Sales revenue increased by 20% to 56 billion 844.084 million rubles.

“Multisystem” plans by the end of autumn to hold the first IPO in the housing sector 29.10.2012 11:39

the end of fall, “Multisystem” wants to place on the Moscow stock exchange in the market sector investment and innovation (MII) and 35% of them get for 400-500 mln. This will be the first IPO of the company’s residential sector. Market participants warn that investors are slightly familiar with the brand, “Multisystem” and promised a difficult placement. The company believes in interest in himself, even refusing to deploy “MegaFon” and PSB.

According to the memorandum, “Multisystem”, which is available “RBC daily”, the company is one of the leaders in Moscow for installation and maintenance of water meters and controls a quarter of the market. At the end of 2011. She had 350 thousand subscribers, and it plans to increase the base to 1 million people.

This year the company expects earnings of $ 71.5 million rubles., Although last year was a loss of 7.6 million rubles. The memorandum states that the poor showing by the Russian Accounting Standards (RAS) to the adoption of tax planning.

company, owned by the Dmitry Chaly, sees its fair value at around 1.29 billion rubles. Target range accommodation – 11,4-14,3 rubles. per share.

Head of Corporate Finance of the IR “Comcon-3″ Constantin Andrei said the issue will be placed and the company “Finam”: “Multisystem” will be the first of a housing sector MII Moscow stock exchange. He claims that the capital provider of counters is not related to the business of officials of the Moscow government.

The company describes the risks of instability in the policy of the city authorities to the scope of its activities. At the same time, the federal law “On Energy Saving” ordered all install water meters and determined deadline – July 1, 2012. Interest in the installation of water meters is growing along with utility rates, say in “multisystem”.

Submitted “RBC daily”

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