Apple worldwide recall some models of iMac


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U.S. technology company Apple has initiated a worldwide program for free replacement of defective hard disks on some models of its computers, said the technology giant.

Apple has determined that some hard drives Seagate 1TB installed in systems, iMac (21,5 inches and 27 inches) may be refused. These systems were available from October 2009. to July 2011., said in a statement.

Currently technical service Apple is trying to communicate with the owners of the affected computer with the help of e-mail addresses that are provided when registering the product. Replacing defective disks is an authorized service center. In addition, a potential problem iMac can be found at Apple, enter the serial number of the computer.

Recall that in late September, Apple fans are faced with yet another challenge to the use of their gadgets, but then it was a software error. Immediately after the launch of iPhone 5 users stated malfunction cards. In particular, the navigation program to specify the old street names, see the Russian users. In addition, the program did not have services such as street view, traffic information on roads and public transit.

problem was the fact that earlier in the corporation decided to abandon the use of cards in the new Google smartphone developed their own functional, based on satellite data of TomTom. The navigation software has appeared on Apple devices running on the operating system iOS6.

Later Apple CEO Tim Cook not only apologized to customers for the error in the maps, but also advised the owners of gadgets to use services of competitors, using applications Bing, MapQuest and Waze, as well as Google Maps or Nokia.

October 15, 2012


Honda recall 268 thousand cars because of the danger of fire

As reported on Sunday night, the Associated Press referring to the company, subject to recall cars 2002-2006 model years. According to Honda, hit on electrical switches rain water through the open window of a car can cause it to overheat and catch fire. This can occur even with the ignition off, the report says.

At the moment we know of at least four cases of fire, electric lock door car Honda CR-V, but no case of accident or injury to human health as a result of this problem has not been revealed.

Honda Motor Co. was founded in 1946. Up until the 1960s, the company engaged exclusively Motorcycle, and only to the 70s of the last century Honda has managed to establish itself in the international market as one of Japan’s leading automakers. The Company operates in 33 countries and more than 100 sites. The company’s headquarters is located in Tokyo, the number of employees is about 200 thousand.

first official sales of Honda Motor in Russia began in 1991 with the Civic and Accord. The following year, 1992, the company opened an office in Moscow and launched the distribution network. Since 1993, Honda Motor began selling the first motorcycles. The modern period in the history of progress in the Russian market was marked by the creation of 18 February 2004 LLC own units “Honda Motor RUS».

Novosti@Mail.Ru: Economy

Lamborghini supercars 1500 recall due to problems with management


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Italian sports car maker Lamborghini has announced the decision to withdraw the 1.5 thousand supercars to correct the deficiencies, reports Associated Press.

emphasized that the program will affect car series in the Gallardo coupé and roadster, which were issued in 2004 to 2006.

Company specialists identified a defect in the steering system, which leads to its depressurization . In particular, due to the corrosion of the tubes filled her fluid can leak and get on the hot engine parts. This is a flammable liquid that may cause a fire while driving.

However, the company stressed that during the entire operation is not one of the car owners of the series do not seek fires.

expected that car owners who have fallen under the program, will be notified within a month. A replacement will be done free of charge. Note that the price of the Lamborghini Gallardo in the base in Russia starts with 360 thousand dollars

Lamborghini production began in the early 1960′s in Italy. The firm is the creator of the industrial magnate Ferruccio Lamborghini. It is believed that he decided to create its own sports car, because it was not satisfied with Ferrari, and the millionaire wanted to see the perfect car. It is noteworthy that under the same name of his company produced tractor.

September 14, 2012


Toyota to recall 106,000 Prius models

Toyota plans to recall almost 106,000 Prius models (Toyota Motor Corporation Common NYSE: TM, 7203 on Tokyo Stock Exchange). Japanese carmaker Toyota Motor plans to withdraw nearly 106,000 model Prius cars in Japan and some Western countries. In Japan, the Company intends to withdraw 48,000 cars, while in the U.S. 52 000. The recall will affect motorists in the UK and Germany to a smaller degree.

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